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   Welcome to this site is to help professionals, students, hobbyist working in the field of electronics. You'll find electronic information, free television schematic diagrams, service manuals, training manuals, troubleshooting tips, computer service guides, data sheet collections, eBooks and more or if you have any questions or suggestions try our online FORUM. Use the menu to browse different categories. BOOKMARK this site for future reference.


   All schematic diagrams and service manuals here are free to our guest and visitors. Please do not ask me for diagrams or manuals that are not listed. I will update the listing as soon as I acquire more in the future. You are welcome to distribute these diagrams, service manuals and electronics support tips to your friends and associates as long as it's not for commercial purposes and you acknowledge the source.
   Note: If you need a different model of diagrams or service manuals, check the index lists. If you find the same model or chassis number without link, please visit forum  Leave me a note including the brand, model and chassis number of your unit and I will upload it as soon as I can.

    Need more troubleshooting tips? you may visit our online FORUM or repair tiips and find out if you have the same symptoms about your unit. These troubleshooting tips are not guarantee that you can fix your unit right away and won’t solve all the component problems you may run into, but they should solve a good number of them. is not responsible for any damage as a result of following any of this advice.
   Thank you for visiting this site and I hope this will provide technical assistance on your electronics troubleshooting needs.

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